How to Make a Copy of a Key: Simple Duplicating Methods

How to Make a Copy of a Key: Simple Duplicating Methods

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Key duplication is the process of creating a copy of an existing key. It is a common service provided by locksmiths, hardware stores, and key-cutting kiosks. Here’s how key duplication typically works:

  1. Choose a Key Duplication Service: Select a service provider to duplicate your key. This can be a local locksmith, a hardware store, or a self-service key-cutting kiosk.
  2. Provide the Original Key: You’ll need to provide the original key that you want to duplicate. Ensure that it’s in good condition and not damaged, as a damaged key may result in a poorly functioning duplicate.
  3. Select the Type of Key: Inform the service provider of the type of key you need duplicating. There are various types of keys, including house keys, car keys, padlock keys, and more. Some keys have specific features, such as transponder chips in car keys or high-security features, so it’s important to specify the type of key accurately.
  4. Key Cutting: The service provider will use a key-cutting machine to create a copy of your key. The original key is placed in the machine, and the machine uses a cutting wheel to carve the duplicate key based on the original’s shape and cut depths.
  5. Quality Control: The duplicate key is checked for accuracy to ensure that it matches the original key precisely.
  6. Testing: After cutting, it’s a good practice to test the duplicate key by using it in the lock for which it is intended. This ensures that it operates the lock smoothly.
  7. Payment: Pay for the key duplication service. The cost of key duplication varies depending on factors such as the type of key, the number of duplicates, and the service provider’s pricing.

Key duplication is a convenient service for creating spare keys or replacing lost keys. It can be useful for various purposes, such as:

  • House keys: To provide spares for family members or guests.
  • Car keys: To have an extra set of keys in case of emergencies or for sharing with another driver.
  • Business keys: To provide access to employees or to have spares for safekeeping.
  • Padlock keys: For securing gates, sheds, lockers, and more.

When seeking key duplication services, make sure to choose a reputable and trustworthy service provider. Quality key duplication is essential to ensure that the copy works smoothly in the lock, so it’s best to rely on experienced professionals or reputable hardware stores for this service.

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